What do you see?

A wife?

A mother?

A mistress – or maybe a lover?

What is it about her that makes her attractive – sexy even?

Is it her eyes, or the way she smiles?

Is it the way she walks, or the way she talks – even the way she dresses?

Maybe it’s the way the wind teases the rise and fall of her hair as she walks, or the sound of her voice even – soft as birdsong with the sting of summer lightning.

Is it the curve of her breasts or the sway of her hips – the sweet smell that lingers in the air or the skip in your heart as she brushes by you, even when her passing is all but a memory?

Could it be the empathy she shows to others, or the sorrow she hides from the world – a world that makes sense with her inclusion, bringing emptiness with her absence.

Is it the love of the children?

Unhampered by the filters of time and cynicism they see only the universal mother.

The kindness and love.

The forgiveness and understanding.

What do you see?

I see all of the above – I see my wife.


Writer vs Story Teller

Writer vs Story Teller

I love to write, but this does not mean that I am a writer.

I do not charge a fee to anyone who gives me the honor of reading my work because I do not have the literary skills that demand the exchange of money. I am a storyteller, and like the local handyman who would not be in the same league as a master builder, I cannot compete with professional authors. By the same token, there are writers out there who have all the skills a great education can buy but have no idea how to tell a story.

So far I have amassed over 200,000 readers who have kindly forgiven and looked past the odd grammatical error in favor of entertainment, and I would humbly ask that you do the same.

Thank you and much love to you all.

Dimpra Kaleem